Monday, December 17, 2007

Finding Abundance

Whenever I have imagined myself walking on my path, it was always by a stream, flowing, abundant, teaming with life and a comforting, refreshing companion. So you'd think that I would've noticed that I was no longer by it and infact far away from it; life has a way of hiding what you don't want to see, so I didn't notice until I just got back on my path again. The detour took me on a journey of learning to perhaps open my eye to the difference between money and abundance.

I don't believe I'm alone in thinking that with money life becomes easier for it does; and therein lies the trap, for at some point some of us release living life and exchange it for chasing money. Yet it is like chasing a butterfly with a net; you catch one and then what? What do you do with it. Look at it, admire it, kill it and frame it, or let it go; then go on to find another one to chase and capture. Perhaps gratifying for the moment but not for the long term, yet keep doing it because it has become a habit and a trophy to show off, but for what gain? Ego gratification? One can look good on paper but is it fulfilling?

A few months ago it has become evident to me that the path I was on could not be rewarding any further without promises fulfilled. Words given have to be kept or the whole becomes an empty shell so I could not continue promoting that entity or stay on the path I was on. The parting was hard and sad yet timely and appropriate because it transformed me back to my stream.

Guides and fortune propelled me here where I find I have friends that encourage and champion me, friends I have never met in real life as well as friends I have known for many years all around me. We have now started a trading chat and those of you wishing to join , let me know your email so I can add you to our group.

Feeling abundance is not as much to do with our surroundings as who we are surrounded by. Thank you all for being here with me. I have no doubt that together we shall continue to find abundance in the way we live life while continuing to pursue all sources of happiness, for the Universe supports nothing less in the long run.

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Hey there anni, its jason "aka" jr2146 from mt trading room, just read you blog and see you are still trading which is great and wanted to get the web sit address for where you are now. my email is hope to talk to you soon. Jason R.