Friday, December 7, 2007

Dealing with Loss

I've certainly dealt with my share of losses this year, most of it life's path. Dealing with loss takes time, but that time can be precious. We all wish time would stop for just until we can catch our breath, let us weigh and assess the situation, and get used to the life again, but alas it does not and the question then becomes how long do we want or need to hide from the reality.

How soon we come to the realization and how soon we act upon it can mean the difference of gain or further loss of time, $$ and opportunities we may have had along the way. We've all done it.. didn't set that stop.. or the stock whipped too fast away from us so we put our bet on its recovery or demise and hope; even when the little voice said: "get out now", we've ignored it, talked it down and then......well you know the ending: finally bailing at the worst time. What we pass up doing the wait, hope and watch, game is the run up or down of the same stock while we're watching it. In other words making something of the initial loss by acting on it quickly. So between realization and action, we missed an opportunity.

Losses are not easy, and I'm not the best at taking it either. I've said at times that losses are better dealt with when looked at after a couple of glasses of wine. Don't you wish that we could set a "stop loss" for everyday of your life? Just think how much heart ache that would prevent; but that is not realistic and we all know it. Loss is a natural rhythm of life, without it there's no room for growth. That's why we should not panic at pull backs, housing downturns, realignments of jobs, professions, the economy. Loss sets us up for further gain and growth.

So, lets face it. Yes that is the best way to deal with it. Face it because healing and growth cannot start until you do and if you can't face it, loss can rule your style and your life.

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