Thursday, January 29, 2015

My Note on a New Year and Market Volatility

*****After more than seven (7) years writing this Blog,  sixteen (16 ) years trading the markets, watching the charts, I felt I already said it all and I was repeating myself.  I grew tired and almost gave up, but I could not check out completely as my interest has not diminished as much as my energy had.  So, rather than quitting I decided to take time off instead. Unannounced and unplanned but often those are the best kind of vacations. Planning requires expectations, whereas spontaneity requires quick creation and traders have to know how to use both.

Watching as the markets defied gravity, pushing higher last year, I was writing about the cloud fantasy in the making long before the idea caught on with the rest of the world, yet trading the reality of what was actually happening. I played both the pessimist and the optimist in my outlooks which is never easy but it's part of being a trader. The solution I thought would be a serious correction leading to finally allowing the markets to develop as they were meant to be, without government manipulation, but alas that was and is not to be.

Of course overloading eventually makes for top heavy situation yet one never really knows which exact "straw" breaks it down; hence the extreme volatility we are experiencing. Perhaps leaving those unaccustomed to such things bewildered, but in reality it was inevitable.

Truth is that charts show the possibility ahead of time and usually live up to the expectation, regardless of reasons expounded upon later. Charts also show how spontaneity also works for traders because in between the bigger pattern, the same patterns play out daily on a smaller scale.  Allowing for the use of both planning and spontaneity prepares us for the best of all possibilities, which I have often written and talked about here, on this blog, and seems will continue to do so.

Happy and Continued Trading, Living and Dancing

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