Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Weekly Market Outlook - Curb Your Enthusiasm

*****Post the elections this past week the market took a decided positive turn as the media once again stuffed our heads full of  analysis.  What it reveals is that we are usually happy about change and usually believe that change will take us on a positive path.

The eagerness with which the indexes soared seemingly put caution to the wind. It seems that once more traders and investors see no downside to any of the action, as if only the upside is possible after the results. No wonder that they call it the "honeymoon" effect since we tend to forget that it usually takes a long time for anything to change in Washington and even longer for all of us to reap the so called "benefits".

It will be interesting how it plays out in the long run. In the short term however party on but it may also be wise to remember that the changing of the guard will not happen until the beginning of the New Year which is still weeks aways giving ample time for party crashers and mischief makers.

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