Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Market Outlook Update - And Next Market Possibilities $DJIA $NDX $SPX

*****Even as we are prepared for the possible, we can also be surprised at how quickly it can become actual.

The Market Outlook reports that I have been publishing for a few years have always felt like a channeling experience for me so when they become actual is not a surprise. I have always maintained that information from the Universe is Universal and available for all of us. Some may not think or feel that they are tapped in to the infinite information available, but I maintain that we are all connected and days like today in the markets prove to me it's true.

In the markets fluctuations are noticed and played all the time. Fluctuations are digestions of information consumed; it  is what takes the longest and it's where the charts show fluctuations pro and con. Accumulation of information gives direction to the markets, and when a majority agrees to the same scenario, the market moves rapidly in one direction toward the next possible target. The direction is unmistakable, be it up or down.  It is what happened today.

There can be slow accumulation, like the past 6 years of upside movement in the markets, but it is not a total agreement as each information had to have time to be digested and eliminated if need be; much like the acceptance of bad economic reports. The past 2 years however demonstrated a consensus toward the upside without checks or tests; the fear of a possible downside ebbed, then steadily accumulated in the far reaches of our Universal mind.

The thought of a downside remained checked until the past two weeks when it surfaced once again to be considered for acceptance or rejection. We saw rapid fluctuations as a result of those Universal debates, until today when a consensus was reached. So, what happened today was the result of the conscious and unconscious Universal agreement to the scenario.

 What can happen next, will also require a consensus, be it knee jerk or a long thought out process, eventually we will arrive to reach an agreed to goal once more.

My Weekly Market Outlooks are available to be viewed here on my blog and they are also always available to view and re-view to the public on my VoiceThread .

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