Monday, May 5, 2014

The Weekly Outlook and Monday Ramblings

*****Today had pressure to the upside since markets were a bit oversold and relieved that Ukraine did not blow up .. but the markets IMHO do not see what Putin is capable of, hence I am probably more cautious than most. My bias is showing at such times when people think Ukraine has power to decide for itself but without western support (which already showed as weak) they have nothing.  Crimea should not have happened if we were going to help defend their position.

As to the other markets of the world,  I heard today that the air pollution is so bad in China  that it is importing fresh air bags for their citizens to breathe.  Why can't we sell fresh air to China in exchange for our debt? California is now one of the cleanest air states in the USA if not THE cleanest. We are paying a premium for it in our taxes so why not capitalize on our investment?  Something is not right with the world when we still excuse China and blame the USA for climate change when all evidence is to the contrary.

Who's holding things up? Is the economic optimism really so positive amongst the many or is it only amongst the few?  Which "Father" knows best Icahn and Buffett?  We see a lot of news on both but does anyone ever pay attention to what Soros is doing?

In short, I see nothing today that will change my opinion about the outlook yet.

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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