Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Happy New Year, 2014 - A Posse ab Esse

*****Reflecting on the new year and what is to come, I am once again reminded of my motto and wish to remind us all about what is to become real largely depends on us.

Those who do not believe that what is possible can become real, should not trade, invest or plan. Period. Everything in life from the mundane to the special requires a belief that it can be achievable. Those who aspire to trade need to realize that believing in achieving requires belief in oneself to be able to execute on that belief. Unless you can, you cannot realize the possible.

In the above title, a Latin phrase, Esse means reality; Posse means possibility;  A means from and Ab means toward or to; in between, the implied operative word is action. Taking action is what will make it real.

Wishing you all a
Happy New Year 2014

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