Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Daily Note - Don't Lie to Me - $DJIA $SPX $NDX

***** I used to think that what hurt us the most was that others lied to us and that if we only stopped lying to others, the truth would set us free to make choices of our own. I've written about it in the past, stating that without lies we have choices, with lies we still have choices but they are false ones based on a false premise.

I still think that it's true but more to the truth about what hurts us is the fact that we lie to ourselves. That natural wonder which we all do so well. You can lie to me because it's a way of presenting illusion, but I, deep inside know when you lie and the moment that I chose to accept that lie, I am lying to myself.

We do this everyday believing and accepting the lies we are told daily by the government, markets and media, even family, friends and lovers. We elude to the fact that we want to make intelligent clear choices with our living and lives yet we continue to believe others that mislead. In the end though it's that belief that hurts us the most, when we fall down, fail and succumb yet to another lie,  that blames the cause to be the other.

Not all lies told us are intentional but I think that all lies we choose to accept are. Therefore, if we continually blame somebody else for what we accept as a lie then we will continually believe that our strategy should work and our trades are safe, even when all evidence is contrary.  Perhaps looking ourselves in the mirror saying and repeating "Don't lie to me" may help but more to the point acknowledging that we do it may be the most freeing to ourselves and our lives.  It frees us to quit blaming and let's us move on to accepting which is the biggest step before that forever sought after change.

Imagine applying it to all parts of our lives and imagine the change that is could bring. So, lie to me or don't, the choice is still mine to make.

Don't Lie To Me ~ Motorhead  (lyrics)

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Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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Unknown said...

The Market has been my mistress for twenty years I want her to lie to me. i like cons to approach me I am aware of their parameters by which they operate they are all known possibilities.

As you say those lying to themselves tend to be most destructive although what I do is hire them to send me their outlooks so i can counter it as a moments notice.

That edge has been working out quite well lately.