Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Daily Note - $DJIA $SPX $NDX ~ From the Possible

*****My motto since the beginning of 2012 has been the Latin phrase: a posse ad esse (from being able to being) or from possibility to actuality.   In various forms over the past five years I have written about the possible when it comes to life and markets. I doubt if many of you would argue against my premise that all things are possible but you may argue against my premise that from all those possible things it is your choice as to which you choose to make actual.

Another way to look at possibilities is choices. We make choices every day of our lives often not even thinking about the fact that we do. We take for granted the choices we have because we have so many of them; from the time we choose to get up to the time we retire, we constantly choose not only what we do and when we do it but also how we feel about what we do. In other words, we not only choose our action, but also our reaction. So it is possible for us to feel good or crappy about crossing the street as we make the choice to cross the street in the first place; but just before we make that choice to cross, we process a myriad of possibilities.

We process the possibilities from knowledge and history. Using those, we assess the crossing points as to where and when and what the possible outcome of each would be and because we know where we want to go, we choose our crossing point based on what we know, history and also on the desired outcome. So, crossing the street is not only possible because we can, ( ability ),  but also because we want the outcome, (actuality).

Crossing the street where we have done it before recalls the history and the outcome, crossing the street at another point incorporates our previous experience of crossing it as well as assessing the possible new outcome of what we would reach.  In other words, we have perhaps a new or different goal in mind which we wish to make actual.

Timing also plays a factor in the possible outcome of the action. Crossing the street at the height of traffic can certainly be more difficult. Choices may be more limited about where we can cross and the time we have to achieve the goal may most likely be reduced by the oncoming traffic. So choosing the time also becomes crucial to our experience and desired outcome.

It is also important to note that the history of  crossing the street not only brought a physical result but also an emotional one. When we achieved the actual, the feeling of achievement is always present, regardless of the mundane task. If we recall choosing to cross when we also nearly missed getting killed, will most likely make us more cautious about crossing and even avoid crossing at the same spot. A crossing experience where we meet and exceed out expected outcome will probably bring pleasant memories, may even bring a spring to our step and more confidence when stepping off the curb. This is also known as attitude and choosing which to remember is crucial to our reaching actuality.  

These steps are not different in any other part of out life. We just tend to think or notice ones that more likely bring emotion to the forefront. Trading being more emotional than crossing the street.  I bet not many of us thought so thoroughly through the process on the curb as in front of the computer platform. Irrational in reality because we can lose our lives by crossing the street but only our money by trading.

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