Friday, March 1, 2013

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***** I think I said it all on the tape and certainly depicted in the song. Since everybody loves a winner, it is no surprise that jubilation sets in when we are so close to a new high. Our elected officials in government sure know this and are experts on knowing how to win our affection.

We can see that their success rate is rather high in these past years, so they will continue.  Threats are pumped to make sure that when the magical agreement is reached we all breathe a sigh of relief and love them even more until...

Maybe just until we all finally admit to ourselves that all along it was just a scheme. A big giant joke of "gotcha" game. But by then, we have loved them too long to be able to just kick them out of bed. We've invested lots of time in believing their every utterance, given them the cloak of wisdom and we've become dependent on their generosity.  To pack their bags and leave them go would require admitting that we've been wrong in our beliefs.

The problem of course is, that  I know of no one who likes to admit that they've been "had" since that brings on the (a)lone factor. The fear of being alone and lonely is a powerful fear and the the need to be loved and liked is a powerful drive for which many will sacrifice anything and still end up with just a song to remember.

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Anni_V said...

what type of tool are you using?

Anni_V said...

Sorry, not sure about which section you are asking?

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The chart in the post.

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I use Think or Swim Charts