Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Weekly Outlook - $AAPL My Funny Valentine

***** It may have been a long time since AAPL returned the love that many have bestowed upon her and you may be wondering if ever she'll return your love.  I cannot speak for how she feels about you but can only look at the signals she gives off, a good way to measure her true intentions for sure;

Even if it's not what you wish to hear, it's truly best for your future to listen and then make up your mind.  If you are hoping for some good news here, I can only say that the circumstances have not changed yet and you may have to grin and bear another downturn. I don't recommend any drastic moves, just watch the tape and keep eye on a couple of key support & breakout levels before deciding to stick with it or break up. Then, enjoy your Valentine with who you truly love.

My Funny Valentine by Chet Baker on Grooveshark

Happy Trading, Living and Valentines

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