Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Daily Note - Being "Home"

Many say that the most fun of being away is coming home. I say that is true only when you don't feel at home anywhere, except your home. Some of us who have lived in several places in our lifetime, will agree that "home" can be many places and indeed I have confused many friends over my lifetime by calling them all "home". So, let me elaborate about what being "home" means to me.

"Home is where the heart is." Since I take my heart everywhere, it's easy to find home anywhere. That is not to say that I don't miss my loved ones at my other "homes", because I do, but since I have loved ones in many places, my heart is at the current one, therefore, I am home.

"Bloom where you're planted." I remember the first time reading that and being upset. "What if I dislike where I was planted?" I thought, because at the time I did. But the saying has great insight. If you don't enjoy where you are, you will wither and not blossom and if you cannot change the place you are at the time, you might as well enjoy the sunshine you get and grow to be the best you can be. Of course if you can move to a preferred space, do so. At some point presumably when you're an adult, you can change your surroundings to your liking, so nothing is permanent unless you make it so.

Just by remembering those two sayings I have felt home on this trip everywhere I went. I received welcomes, met more people with smiles and felt more at home than away. I ended up extending my stay in some places as a result and had a thoroughly fantastic time everywhere I visited. Truly, feeling at "home" is more an attitude than reality so now, I may confuse people even more often with the term.

So, welcome to my home here on the web where I've been writing articles about life and trading for nearly five years. I left on a two month trip to homes I've long not seen and discovered more new ones. Now that I am back I am eager to once again write, from a fresh perspective, about how life relates to trading, so please stay tuned. :)

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