Monday, October 24, 2011

The Daily Note - It's Your Oyster

I am actually not sure where it got started. I know I've always talked of more than just markets, charts, setups and trades like anyone else. It was a way to connect with others who may have liked to do the same things. As the years passed I shared my love of music and dance and many other topics usually somehow tied to trading. Although my blog grew, it never really exploded with readers, but those who came for the most part stayed. I've wondered often how they found me, where even why, but it really didn't matter when it's gratifying just to be read. One story touches others, the reasons aren't as important as the connection.

Then came Twitter and StockTwits where everyone flocked for new ideas, quick help perhaps quick money. The exchange of trading information exploded. As it grew one did not know where to put the ideas for most exposure and most viewing. While one feels fresh and others stale, all the while I try to please it all. Impossible to say the least, but then, I was always one for trying the impossible task. Of course one does not always succeed and often in doing, one loses sight of the original idea: to write about trading and life and how they relate.

I've fallen out or away from that and now feel a bit lost in this dark wilderness, but I know it to be part of the circle, the spiral of growth. I know that despite the feeling of being lost, I am on a path of something I cannot leave or give up. I will come into the light again, like a friend told me. I have many readers in all areas, from all around the world and I appreciate you all. I will not abandon any one group or another, I may just need a bit of adjusting .. my attitude perhaps?

It feels sometimes like that in trading also. Especially when choices are a struggle or too many. Too many stocks to choose from can get one lost in the abundance, too few and one can feel a bit of fear about how it will go. Yet the truth is that for as long as I have been calling trades and sending out charts, the number of choices have always been "just right". Like the bears and Goldilocks found out, when one has no expectations whiles exploring, usually the world opens like an oyster revealing the best pearl.

I suppose that is the best attitude adjustment one can hold on to, image of beauty perfection like only nature can give. So, be it on a mountain or by the sea the oyster of abundance is always in front of us if we have the eyes to see.

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing
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