Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Daily Note - View of a PlayList

I was going to post another story about prices but today's action prompted me to share The PlayList as it is e-mailed out to members each day. The only change I made is adjusting SPY to long at 117 and short at 116 today when it became evident that the entries would not work without wreaking havoc.

I've been on a lookout for a day like today for what it seems like months now, but realistically as it inched nearer and nearer to the possibility. I've been sharing my view of the DJIA charts and positions and it is based on those charts that gaps and volatility can be gauged. Of course not always perfectly scripted, as I like to say, therefore there is a plan. It is following a plan that enables us to be comfortable in either cycle of the tape. We are in fact wearing a parachute in case the flying carpet is removed from under our butts in this ever evolving marketplace. So enjoy a rare free peak and thanks for reading and viewing.

Taking initial entries and maximum holds, today's action yields are as follows. These are based on ability to hold on to runs and exit on or near targets which is often a challenge for traders.

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