Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Weekend Note - What It's All About

This picture made my Sunday, and probably my week and more. Another best greeting evvver from across the globe. It puts a smile on my face,and thus a glow into my life. It's because it's human that I can't think of anything better that could happen right now. It's because my blog has never been nor was intended to be just about trading; it's also about life. It's not just about the next trading call I can deliver on this vast, wide, world of the internet, it's also about people I meet and friends I make.

The social media is like a beacon into the blackness of space, each tweet hoping to connect to other "intelligent life" in its cosmos. How many tweets go out day and night that per chance meet with another to share more than just a tweet or two? How many last a few days? How many last through years? That's why it's special and even though eventually the rocks will get washed away, the memory will forever put a smile on my face.

Happy Living, Trading and Meeting Special Friends

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