Monday, February 14, 2011

The Daily Note - I Heart You

Happy Valentines everyone! It is another fantastic day at the markets, I can tell. Just by being alive. Nothing will stop this market.

I love fairy tales. Don't you? In fairy tales there is always a bad person (we always know who it is) An innocent person(we know who); A hero (ditto). Fairy tales also tend to start out badly and always end up happily and of course with ever after added on. Unlike in Operas, where the opposite is always true and everyone starts out hopeful and the hero and love interest die at the end.

So which kind of trader are you: The one that lives happily after or the one that dies in the end?
Your style may be the key to your outcome. But before your style can be assessed, assess your psyche. Really!! Which outcome attracts you more when you read, watch movies or fantasize about love?

Your outlook greatly influences your results because you attract what you think and it does not matter on which level you think it. Whether it is deeply buried in you consciousness or it is on the surface nagging at you daily makes no difference to the probability of the outcome, but the sooner you recognize it and incorporate it into your style, the better it will be for your trading results. That's really the long and the short of it ;).

Me, you ask? I love animated films, cartoons and fairy tales and I was also raised on, and have a great appreciation for the Opera. Yep, a mixed-up kid and at times still battling both the villain and being a martyr.

When I was young my favorite Opera was "AIDA" by Giuseppe Verdi. "Why?" my mother asked once? In response I said: "Because there is so much love in it." The story, which takes place in Egypt, is that of the hero, a victorious general who falls in love with a slave girl and refuses the hand of the king's daughter in marriage. Of course, as you may have already guessed, the ending is not a happily after, because as punishment, they are tombed alive to meet their fate.

Over the years other stories have taken it's place, yet still, the story and the music is as beautiful as ever in my heart and Verdi remains my favorite composer of the Opera.

Here is the finale Duet as I learned it:

Happy Valentines

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I wish I could have your way with words, love it never stop stop young lady.