Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Daily Note - Being Equipped

Mechanical objects have an inherent risk of failure. Often enough one can predict when some may come to the end of their functionality by knowing their average life span but often enough, as in life, there are always those that stop functioning earlier than others.

It is also true that the odds of being the one hit such a failure comes into everyone's life at least once, of course we never know when. Let it be said, that mine happened last Thursday and it happened not just once but twice on the same day. I suppose that fate may have spotted an omission and decided to "catch up" at my expense. Two computers, 2 unrelated failures, both rendered unusable. Yep, those gremlins were hard at work.

Experienced traders know that nothing stops ones ability faster than total disconnect to platforms. It's blindness and it renders us helpless as well as useless, and knowing that, is why I always had two systems up running separately. If one failed, the other would be available; but fate had it's day with me and my worry lines got deeper.

To say that it was not a traumatic event would not put enough importance on the help I received from a friend who tirelessly spent the better of 5 days both in repair and recovery of my system and made it infinitely better than before. It reminded me how much time we devote to things we love to do. His love of knowing everything computers and enjoying that he can help others in need is very much what life is about. A purpose that is undefinable but one that makes life enjoyable.

I stopped fretting and despite the unwelcome event, I could not help but laugh in the end. It's what I've have been writing about and sharing here with many fellow traders since the beginning. Life is like trading and we have to be ready for whatever happens, so what we do should reflect what we enjoy doing and part of our equipment should not be the things around us but the humor inside of us. We never know what can happen next, so, did you bring your humor to work today?

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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