Monday, October 11, 2010

The Daily Note - Week for Discovery

Yes there is a feeling of discovery this week, not just from a historical perspective but also from a new energy that seems to be entering the markets and the feeling in the world. I just spent a day watching how awesome the Universe is with miracles being performed every moment and truly we never know when the next discovery will come out of this total chaotic soup. Remember that there is an order to everything, including when we tap into the next greatest discovery.

A discovery which becomes known throughout the world, is thought of by millions within the same time frame. The reason is need, the calling from the spirit for a solution and what is right for the time, will not be denied. Columbus set out to find India via a different route, not to find new land. He set forth in the spirit of trying to find a solution not to prove the world as round necessarily.

The only problem with discovery is that not everyone realizes its significance; whether its in the context of a day, like a breakout stock, or context of a people who occupied this land not realizing they were to become the first occupants of the greatest experiment in Government known to mankind. Imagine if they knew then or even had an inkling about it back in 1620 perhaps they were its first supporters like the first turning of a moving average, it barely made a blip on their consciousness as they were leaving oppression behind seeking freedom in a new land.

Much like in trading, when we are intensely involved in following a pattern, we may not immediately see that it has already changed direction, because we anticipate the continuance of where it's been. The best time to study the stars is when you're stuck. Not astrology but astronomy; as you gaze up into the universe infinite possibilities reveal themselves into your consciousness and while you're full of that wonder, take a fresh look at the charts.

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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