Monday, September 21, 2009

That StockTwits Moment

There's something hypnotizing about being noticed. As traders, we all wish to shout our triumphs from the rooftop to other traders. Our success in this very difficult profession, if indeed we are trying to make a living from it and not only playing with it, depends on our ability to prove, day after day, that we are in fact worthy of our audience.

It's the only way to attract people who may wish to invest with us or to invest in our capabilities. Marketing. I don't see much writing about it. I don't see many who confess that it is what we all desire. It has always been there, but StockTwits via Twitter just concentrated the information where one after the other people can compete for attention by giving the most comprehensive, accurate and followable advice about market entries, exits, buys, sells, holds, longs & shorts; the ins and outs of trading systems, styles, signals and analysis. Many of us, like to share, many like to teach, many like to give advice as well as there are those who like to boast, who like to hype, who like to attract, and many who like to get approval or seek consensus. In many ways it's like going to the fair where there are abundant variety shows, abundance of information and a plethora of carnival games for us to see,learn and do.

Sometimes it feels like we have to perform like so many circus entertainers, daily, relentlessly to prove that we are still on top of our game; capable and ready to perform always at our peak. We do it out of passion, we do it out of desire to connect, we do it for the love of the game and without other players, there is no game.

That is why StockTwits is so successful, it created a visible, vast playing field the size of which never before possible; giving us the ability to reach all the corners of the world from where the pros, the dabblers, the newbies come together and can participate at the same time. A Circus Maximus where the best will shine and be hailed; and those who have yet to earn their laurels can continue to learn, seek advice and practice their skills.

We've all been at the beginning and we all hope to get to the top and we all hope to gain by what we offer. How soon will we get there? Coupled with a few strokes of luck, it depends on how much we put into the game, who follow us, and who notices us. Participation, be it teacher or learner is the key. It takes hard work, persistence, ingenuity, study, and it takes consistence.

A StockTwits moment can come anytime; it's when someone notices, mentions and gives thanks for our work; but when StockTwits moments multiply we have the impetus to reach the top.

Get to know those who you follow and continue to give thanks, a nod, a mention, publicly and privately, to those that you find helpful to your trading. It will help us all in the long run.

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing