Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Matter of Trust (Part IV)

You remember when you trusted without questioning? When was that last time that you truly could.. how old were you? So then isn't it amazing that so many go to the polls without verifying the claims that the candidates make? Or that we listen to news media reporters and believe what they read off a monitor? Isn't it amazing how many investments people make without verifying claims set forth by analysts, CEO's, TV gurus, trading sites.. etc.? Are you surprised? I am not.

I am not, because everyone wants someone or something to believe in and to follow. That's why religion won't die, dissipate or disappear. Even during the harshest times of the communist era, under Stalin, churches were filled by people who were willing to take risks. When the wall/curtain came down, churches were filled with people pouring outside, straining to hear the Masses even after 75 years of prohibition.

We seek out those we can learn from to better ourselves and those whose tools we can use to apply what we have learned. There are many sites, seminars, books with claims of success to help you, make you, elevate you, and ultimately to make you rich. They stuff your Internet box & snail mail box, but how do you decide which one to trust?

When the desire is to learn and grow, one must take the leap of faith by investigating what is offered which takes reading the site and if the site appeals aesthetically and one is attracted by the wording, most likely than not we pay the price of a visit. The journey can and will open thousands of possibilities. We interact, become Internet buddies and we try to mutually help one another. Ideally; and it all takes trust, ideally.

Sites can claim services, but do they deliver? Sites can claim accolades but are they true? Who has written them? Are the trades/profits really true and have the clients really written those testimonials? Not long ago, I was asked for my opinion why so many who joined the site, failed to stay long. Aside from the obvious that there are many who don't linger long anywhere, ultimately, clients buy and stay because of trust.

Americans tend to give trust easily, we also attach a belief that our trust was well given so it is difficult to release it when abused; therefore we tend to hang on until it's broken. Once trust is broken however, it cannot be reclaimed.

What's happened in the past week in the markets is that ultimate broken trust. Broken trust in our representatives, in our leaders, and the very structure of our country. Unfortunately, when we reach such a fragile state, we can easily be lulled by another to trust and believe in. So be careful of your reaction, anger and disappointment. Don't trade when emotional, and don't give up in hope.. there's a bottom here somewhere. Interestingly, when you look at the Dow past 100 years, downturns, crashes and pullbacks show up as mere blips on the chart.


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