Monday, July 21, 2008

A Matter of Trust (Part III)

Trust becomes a key issue when on a computer with others because the computer allows us to cloak ourselves and not reveal truly who we are if we so choose and/or deceive if we so choose as well. It allows us to appear larger, better, superior, or more modest, humble and meek. On the other hand associating through a computer also allows us to reveal ourselves more completely due to the ability to stay anonymous. It is probably safe to say that some of all of the above plays into most of the relationships online. It's also probably safe to say that as we interact more frequently, we reveal ourselves more completely and in time we can extend more trust in each other.

I was thus challenged with the thought when I joined a new room of traders; many it seems with great credentials and much experience; newbies, oldies, experts and mentors alike with diverse interests. I've been with a group of online friends for so long, that jumping into a "vat" of strangers I found myself wondering: It's been years where I've felt so much internal pressure to "show me".

Like anywhere else, the longer we know someone, the more trust we place in their abilities. Trust does not happen overnight it is developed over time. Therefore belonging to a group of traders over a longer period of time, by nature, allows us to learn intricacies and styles which in turn gives us more opportunities for good trades.

Ultimately it's not what we can do for each other but what we can learn from each other. It takes trust to learn. (to be continued)

So look for me at my new digs: and less formally at who knows where this may lead.

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