Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Matter of Trust (Part II)

As a moderator of a room for last few years, I have found it surprising how easily some give their trust ; equally I've found it surprising how some don't share anything at all.

Trading on the computer one meets and associates with many people from all walks of life with different, experiences, styles, and strategies which includes experts as well as beginners. We all have different reasons for associating with other traders; some for social, some for support, some for advice, some for suggestions, ideas and many for learning and guidance. When we decide to join a trading group, we give our trust over to the moderators of that group to a certain extent for in order to partake and learn about the style of that room we have to follow their agenda. It's through this observation and the constant checking its fit to ourselves that we decide to give our trust over more or less completely, thereby deciding to stay with or leave the group.

When I make a trading call, I in effect ask you to trust me and follow what I say. Yes, but how can you do it without some sort of proof? I can point to my track record, but that does not guarantee that this call will be successful, so the answer of proof is not with me but within yourself. Your own experience, style and ability is where your own trust comes from and the decision to follow my calls is the trust in that instant of recognition. It's not a blind trust that some new traders may try and unfortunately fail with more often than not. It's a developed trust that comes through experience which takes time and practice. Yes, time spent with the team you chose to be a member of.

I do not like to give a call I cannot explain, therefore I am not a "silent" moderator so I try to give guidance and welcome questions. I am constantly aware of the trust others put in my calls and it gives me distress when I don't feel at the top of my game. That is why it gives me greater satisfaction when your trades go well because I lived up to the trust placed in me, but more important, you lived up to the trust you placed in yourselves! LEH, IPI, POT, BIDU, BUCY, AAPL: Today was just one of those days WTG Team! (to be continued)

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